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Electronic Music vol. 2

by Istvan Peter B'Racz

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"good evening...good evening, again...I'm running out of things to say because I have not been exercising my mind" "why don't we d-do it in the road?"
SpaceDance 07:26


Volume 2:

These works were created independently of each other and don't really have a connecting thematic thread, but I have chosen them to create an "album narrative" which I so seriously miss in today's "single-track" society. Close your eyes, put some headphones on (or crank if you have a good system). If this does not appeal to you, I fully understand. But, I only ask you to have an open ear and an open mind when listening.


- - - - -"Nature Papure"

(1984) originally for Voice and Tape, I dumped the voice-part and kept the tape. Musique Concrête, created with a tape machine that was on a long loop, the erase-head was disabled (thanks to my good friend Karl Fusaris), and the only source of sound was two wine-glasses being rubbed and clinked. Manipulating the loop/reel speeds during recording, as well as playing around with tape saturation is how I got the sounds you hear. This piece was later used in another work digitally (“We, the Ratatatats...”). In one movement, no score. [4'00]

- - - - -"Now be a good little rabbit"

Using samples of me singing "why don't we do it in the road?", and Connie Lafemina's sample, I also incorporate several of my own pieces in a mish-mash in the middle (using Joe Drew performing my Four in Stance on Trumpet).

- - - - -"Morgan Song" (v1)

A piece performed on the V-Synth using my voice as an initial sample. I manipulated the sample to work with longer amorphous textures. This work will probably end up for either strings or voices and strings.

- - - - -"RadioHeadSuiteDesign - Prelude"

(2004) Prelude sound designed from a Radiohead percussive snippet for a RadioHead suite, performed with LOOP2.4.3.

- - - - -"Deathmask Lullaby"

This piece was used in part in the "Papyrus Nugator: Father" work. I see this not unlike re-using a chord progression, or theme. It was not at the forefront. Here it is on its own. I am playing on an Indian Ritual Flute, and a Peruvian folk flute. It is put into a sampler, and "performed" via the sampler.

- - - - -"SpaceDance"

Commissioned by Alice Anne Harwood at the Neighborhood Music School, and premiered at Yale's Planetarium, I used actual sounds from space (mostly) and a few of my own, with some manipulations.

- - - - -"The Returning"

Trippy, intense, dense, wear headphones, turn it up, and close your eyes, let this take you somewhere for 13+ minutes. The sounds you hear come primarily from my old knob synth, sound designed through LIVE, and my V-synth with patches made from scratch (some using my voice as the source, which you can hear as some of the very low frequencies). The whole is pieced-together in LIVE. Its unruly, a bit dirty, punk in attitude, as well as strongly influenced by classical music (nod to Beethoven's punk attitude).


released February 20, 2018

All music performed, created, recorded by yours truly.

"Now be a good little rabbit": The opening words are a recording of Concetta Lafemina sitting in my studio. Joe Drew's Trumpet performances in the middle section come from a live recording of my own works "Four in Stance" remixed.

"Space Dance" uses actual recordings by NASA of the sounds of space freely and readily available from their website.

"Deathmask Lullaby" features Peruvian and American Indian ritual flutes performed by yours truly.

Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved
Recording Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved
Text Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Istvan Peter B'Racz Connecticut

To all who drift
through this sonic-space

be it by fate or the
element of chance:

I sincerely WELCOME you

and give THANKS!

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