Froggus Housatonicus

by Istvan Peter B'Racz

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Joy Wulke ( approached me to collaborate with a 3 dimensional sonic space to surround an exhibit she was working on. She took a liking to a character I had created and included the mythology of "Izzy the Frog in Lumina Land" ( It involved frogs and nature, so I created a 3 track (3 CD originally) work, where each piece was different, and slightly off in length from each other on repeat. The idea is that it wouldn't repeat exactly for a VERY long time. The sounds I used were frog sounds, pure and manipulated, new-agey flute sounds (played by myself), water sounds, various electronic manipulations, and a story being told, but not quite understood.

The Premiere install was at Housatonic College in Bridgeport, CT (, in the gallery. I had 3 boom boxes placed throughout the room at a level where one could hear each device clearly as one gets cooer- but there is a totality in various "sweet spots" in the room.

I have created an artificial totality, reconstructing the tracks and panning them in such a way that there is a similar feel- but it just can't really compare. In the future, I will work on a surround-sound release, if BandCamp ever supports that.

For more info, please search for Joy Wulke, or you can find info on her at

Sadly she passed away in 2014, ( so we miss her and her incredible creative force terribly.


released June 23, 2016

Jamie Burnett read the story which was then manipulated.



all rights reserved


Istvan Peter B'Racz Connecticut

To all who drift
through this sonic-space

be it by fate or the
element of chance:

I sincerely WELCOME you

and give THANKS!

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