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by Istvan Peter B'Racz

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"uh-heh heh heh..."


"Gigglörr..." a 38 minute ambient electronic work.
This piece came from a dream long ago:

'An invisible giggling spirit follows you around, shifting suddenly from one place to another. You feel its presence, but don't hear it all the time, its as if it was shifting in and out of various dimensions around you suddenly.

If it manages to surround you giggling, then there is a danger of you being trapped/transported into a very surreal place/dimension of which there is seemingly no escape. The spirit is unaware of this danger to you, and is simply being playful- as it is a young girl who was giggling at the moment of sudden death, and is now stuck eternally in that moment. It knows no other "state of being." The only way out, for you, is to follow a long sonic-thread quietly embedded in the world around you, a minor third ringing on almost un-noticed.'

Unsettling and somewhat creepy, many years after the dream, I recorded a young lady giggling at the end of a recording session. I realized when editing later, that it was THE EXACT same sound as the "Gigglörr" Spirit in the dream. It made the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand up. So I created this work after taking that giggle-audio-snippet and manipulating it. A great deal of the sounds in this work come from manipulation of that single giggle. There are some other sounds in there, as well for some contrast and "scenery".

The dream lasted a very long time, it was one of those "epic dreams", that felt like a lifetime. I was stuck for a very long time, and managed to get out only after following a quiet drone sound. Hence the Accordion sound stretched 1000%.

In this NEW remix, v9a1 of the work, I have changed some levels, introduced a bit more dynamic processing, and then normalized the peak of the whole- but I PRIMARILY focused on EQ and mastering.

[*****UPDATED as of 2019-07-02]


released March 30, 2018

Cello snippets performed by An-Lin Bardin
The audio used for the Gigglörr shall remain a secret.

After all manipulations were done, the work was put together, mixed and mastered in Logic PRO X.

Thanks to Ron K. Sedgewick for for being a second set of super-high-end ears (and brain), and to Rod Richardson for programming the work on his most excellent show "Radio Nothing" on www.wpkn.org, and to Thomas Kozumplik for also being another excellent set of ears, as well as a true musical friend I can lean on.

I wish to thank all of my fans and supporters over the years, Thank you Dear Listener.

Last but not least, I wish to thank my wonderful family for being so supportive, and especially my Dearest Lydia. I would not be here if it were not for you.

Really and truly: You folks make this all worthwhile.

All other music and sounds created, performed, recorded, and mixed by B'Racz in The Dungeon, Hamden, CT.

Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved
Recording Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved
Text Copyright 2018: I.P.B'Racz, All Rights Reserved

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all rights reserved



Istvan Peter B'Racz Connecticut

To all who drift
through this sonic-space

be it by fate or the
element of chance:

I sincerely WELCOME you

and give THANKS!

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